Boiler Upgrade Scheme Updates

Ofgem Seminar: BUS Launch Event 19 May 2022

Ofgem have announced that they will be holding a seminar on the launch of the BUS Scheme and will be talking you through:

  • Highlights of the installer guidance
  • An overview of the voucher application and redemption process
  • Information about the audit and compliance approach
  • A question-and-answer session

To register your place, click below:

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Cashflow and Grant Payments

To help installers with their finances, Ofgem have confirmed that where an installation has a commissioning date between 1 April 2022 and 22 May 2022, installers will be able to submit both voucher and redemption applications for an installation at the same time. This will be a temporary solution to alleviate immediate industry pressures and will only apply to applications submitted between 23 May and 31 May 2022. Property owners will still be required to confirm that they have consented to the application being made on their behalf, as per the scheme regulations.

Voucher availability for BUS Scheme

The BUS has a committed budget of £450 million over three years. The annual budget allocation of £150 million will support low carbon heat technologies in up to 30,000 properties per year in England and Wales. As such, Ofgem don’t expect vouchers to run out at the start of the scheme. Quarterly caps may be introduced in a particular quarter to smooth deployment across the financial year, depending on the demand. A quarterly cap will not be introduced in the first quarter of the scheme, since any cap must be announced and published in advance of the quarter that is applied to.

Eligibility criteria Information

  • Hybrid heating systems will not be supported through the BUS. This extends to any combination of a boiler and electric heat pump, whether installed as a split or integrated system and whether on or off the gas grid.
  • To be eligible for the BUS, the heat pump or biomass boiler must be capable of meeting the full space heating and hot water demands of the property.
  • Homeowners, small businesses and private landlords will be eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • If the property is not a self-build property, the heat pump or biomass boiler must replace an existing fossil fuel or electric heating system. Electric heating systems are systems which provide heat generated wholly or mainly from electricity, such as resistive heating or storage heaters, but does not include a heat pump.
  • To be eligible for BUS, all installations must adhere to the approved standards published here:

Don’t Forget: Installer Account Creation

Please note that to benefit from the BUS scheme installers will need to complete a form and submit it to Ofgem before they can submit voucher applications. Please download the form by visiting:

BUS Scheme Installer Guidance

Ofgem has released a guidance document to help installers who wish to take part in the BUS scheme understand the requirements:

BUS Scheme Property Owner Guidance

Ofgem has also published guidance for property owners. You can access this here: