Solar roof tiles are an ideal option for homeowners who want the benefits of solar panels but don’t like the appearance of them. They provide a suitable solution for this as they are styled to look like standard roof tiles.

What are solar roof tiles?

Made from the same materials as solar panels, they generate electricity directly from sunlight while providing the performance and appearance of standard roof tiles.

The integrated photovoltaic (PV) tiles can be installed as part of a new build property or as a roof replacement, but not into an existing roof.

Types and styles

There are several styles available to choose from when it comes to solar tiles, so there should be something suitable for most properties.

Smooth glass tiles

Smooth glass tiles have been designed for modern homes. The contemporary, clean-cut appearance is targeted at higher-end properties.

Textured glass tiles

Textured glass tiles are styled to fit in with old homes and historic buildings.

French slate tiles

French slate tiles give a hand-crafted appearance for a more natural aesthetic.

Tuscan tiles

Tuscan glass tiles match the type often seen on European-style homes, based on a design that dates back to the Greek and Roman times.

The cost and savings

The addition of solar roof tiles is a smart method to reduce annual electricity costs while adding value to your property.

It will cost between £5,000 and £7,000 to fit a 1kW system to your roof, with the price likely to rise by approximately £2,500 for every additional kW. *1

What are the savings?

The installation of these tiles will generate electricity, saving you money on your fuel bills.

Reducing your energy bills

A 4kW solar roof tile system could save you more than 50% of the household’s annual energy costs, based on an electricity bill of £600 a year. A 1kW system, the smallest option, could provide a saving closer to 15%. *2

What to ask an installer

  • How efficient are the tiles? This will vary depending on the manufacturer of the tiles.
  • What number of tiles do you need? The more tiles installed the more electricity they will generate.
  • Will the tiles work with a solar battery? The solar battery would store surplus energy generated by your roof.
  • What position is your roof? Solar tiles are not recommended for north facing roofs, east or west will work well, while south facing works best.

Using a HIES member

All HIES Accredited Installers are continually vetted in many areas in order to give consumers trust, confidence and peace of mind.

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How do they compare to solar panels?

There are three main factors that you will need to consider when choosing between these:

1. Aesthetics

Solar roof tiles are much more discreet than solar panels, making them a more obvious choice for listed buildings or properties in conservation areas.

2. Cost

Solar roof tiles are approximately double the price of solar panels. They are also very difficult to retrofit, meaning that it is likely an entire roof would need to be replaced in order to install solar roof tiles, making it a very big investment.

3. Efficiency

They are not as efficient as solar panels and will produce less electricity from the same surface coverage. *3

How do solar tiles integrate with a roof?

They are built into the structure of the roof itself, ensuring that they will blend in as much as possible. This means it isn’t possible to integrate them into an existing roof, it’s only a viable option for new build projects or if replacing an entire roof.

The installation process

Solar tiles are fitted in the same way as standard tiles, meaning that a professional roofer can carry out the installation. However, a solar electricity professional will be required to wire them together.

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