Why Choose HIES Members to Install Your Wall-Mounted Solar Panels?

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  • Fully Vetted Installers – our installers are fully vetted commercially and to uphold technical standards with accreditations like MCS.
  • Deposit Protection – from signing the contract for your new wall-mounted solar panels, you will be assured your money is safe with our deposit protection.
  • Insurance-Backed Guarantees – With every installation, an installer will provide an insurance-backed guarantee, providing the peace of mind if anything were to go wrong or the installer ceases to trade, you won’t be left out of pocket.
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WHat are the benefits of Installing Wall-Mounted Solar Panels? ☀

If you are considering installing wall-mounted solar panels, you may be wondering about the benefits of this type of solar system. Compared to traditional roof-mounted solar panels, wall-mounted solar panels offer several advantages in terms of aesthetics, efficiency, and versatility. For example:

  • Wall-mounted solar panels are less visible from the ground, which is advantageous if your home’s aesthetics are an important consideration.
  • The mounting allows the solar panels to be installed on walls facing different directions, allowing them to capture more sunlight throughout the day. This system is a good choice for buildings with accessible walls facing in different directions.
  • High-rise buildings or buildings with limited roof space, i.e. multi-storey, make wall-mounted solar a consideration to utilise the building’s surface area for solar power generation.
  • If your home has a complex or steep roof, then wall-mounted solar panels may be preferred where roof-mounted solar is limited.
  • Wall-mounted solar panels can be installed at different heights, reducing shading and improving the system’s performance.


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Remember every time you use a HIES installer, and you receive the additional benefits and peace of mind of consumer protection with your installation.

  • Vetted & Inspected Installers
  • Deposit Protection
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Advice Helpline
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are our commonly asked questions about Wall-Mounted solar panels..


I already have solar panels on my roof. Can wall-mounted solar panels be integrated into my current PV system?

Yes, HIES installers will create a design which achieves the maximum performance out of your current Solar PV system by adding the additional wall-mounted solar panels into the existing design. A survey of your current system will need to be conducted to establish if the existing technology (such as the solar inverter) can support additional panels on a separate string.


Are vertically-mounted solar panels easier to maintain?

Solar panels mounted on walls are easier to maintain than those mounted on the roof. Typically the wall-mounted solar panels are within a ladder reach making maintenance or cleaning more accessible.


Will I need planning permission for my wall-mounted solar panels?

Solar PV panels, in general, are considered ‘permitted developments’ and often don’t require planning permission, as long as, so far as practicable, they are sited to minimise their effect on the external appearance of the building and amenity of the area. However, exceptions apply, and it’s best to check with your local planning office for guidance.

Part 14: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/596 covers information regarding planning and solar panels. Typically, wall-mounted PV panels will not have an impact on planning unless it is a conservation area or significantly alters the building’s appearance.

Additional restrictions may apply if you live in a listed building, conservation area, or national park.


Are wall-mounted solar panels more expensive than roof mounted?

The cost of solar panels and installation is determined by several factors, including your location, the characteristics of your home, the product technology you select, and the actual installation process. Solar energy will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. In the short term, it will necessitate an investment or a loan payment that will be similar to your current electricity cost in many circumstances.